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You know how important the quote “please eat today” is for me and for my community. I’m so grateful to give you another kind of reminder that is as important as the usual one : please drink today.

We are hydrated QUEEENS!!! 


Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven Safe :))

250 ml \ 8,5 Oz

* Since every mug is carefully made by hand, allow a minimum of 4 weeks before shipping!


We created this unique mug in collaboration with a great local woman of influence, Laetitia De Carufel, who promotes self-love and recovery from eating disorders.

A simple message, but one that is very important to her. With this mug, Laeti hopes to offer sweetness and a safe space to her community!

It is a real pleasure to collaborate with this inspiring woman!

Thank you for the eternal trust behind this project.



Nous avons créé cette tasse unique en collaboration avec une grande femme influente d'ici Laetitia De Carufel, qui met de l'avant l'amour de soi et la guérison des troubles alimentaires.

Un message simple, mais des plus essentiel pour elle. Avec cette tasse, Laeti espère offrir douceur et un safe space à sa communauté!

C'est un réel plaisir de collaborer avec cette femme inspirante !

Merci pour l'éternelle confiance derrière ce projet.


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